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UNIFIBER’s vision is to become the most trusted distributor across the country that provides groundbreaking products using the best available technology that promotes a healthier and easier lifestyle for each one of our diverse end-users.

We are eager to meet our clients and community needs in the future in order to keep making their lives easier and better.


Unifiber LLC, founded in 2013, is a South Florida-based company that supplies life-enhancing products such as:

  • Kinesiotapes
  • Mosquito Repellant Patches
  • Non-Acetone and Non-Ethyl Acetate Nail Polish Removers

Our mission is to provide our customers the best products to improve their lifestyles offering distinctive and innovative ideas, at the best competitive prices as well as ensuring the highest rates of customer satisfaction.


Unifiber LLC started back in 2013 when the company partners decided to bring to the United States health-related natural remedy durable goods in order to promote a better lifestyle for athletes, families, and children.

One of the products Unifiber offers is kinesiology tapes, which are a breakthrough new method for treating athletic sprains, strains and sports injuries, as well as preventing these athletic injuries. Kinesiology tapes came onto the scene in a big way after the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. Numerous athletes across all sports were seen wearing this colorful tape on their shoulders, ankles, elbows and more. When interviewed, the overwhelming response was that Olympic athletes were able to enhance performance without sacrificing time to rehabilitate sore or injured muscles and joints. This type of athletic tape is a revolutionary therapeutic elastic style of support that works in multiple ways to improve health and circulation in ways that traditional athletic tapes cannot compare. Not only does this new type of athletic tape help support and heal muscles, but it also provides faster, more thorough healing by aiding with blood circulation throughout the body. By allowing the muscles a larger degree of movement, the body is able to heal itself more quickly and fully than before.

Kinesiology tape is finding new uses every day in hospitals, rehabilitative clinics, physical therapy practices, and more to assist with joint pain, mobility and to help reduce swelling. Doctors, chiropractors, and sports injury therapists are discovering how easy it is to work with the body’s natural healing process in providing it with the rich blood supply it needs to speed healing and repair damaged muscle tissue. Not surprisingly, this new kind of therapeutic healing athletic tape is receiving rave reviews as the fastest, most proven way to manage pain, support healing and speed rehabilitation.

The company also offers complementary health-related products such as mosquito repellent patches. This is an innovative, powerful approach to protecting humans from mosquitoes using a small, colorful sticker applied to clothing. They block mosquitoes’ ability to track humans for up to a day’s worth of protection.

These patches are designed to work everywhere, for everyone and to be rugged, simple and effective. They also protect against mosquito-borne diseases.

Considered a breakthrough in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases, this technology platform is comprised of a range of products in development for use globally in the effort to protect humans from mosquitoes. It is designed to be durable and easy-to-use for a range of climates and conditions around the world. The intention is to replace age-old, cumbersome, and potentially unhealthy mosquito repellents with an easy-to-use, powerful, and long-lasting sticker applied to clothing.

Non-acetone / non-Ethyl Acetate nail polish remover pads is another product offered by Unifiber LLC. These pads use much less aggressive solvents and add moisturizing agents to minimize the drying effect on the skin around the nails and cuticles.

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